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Say No to Toll Roads in San Clemente

Bryan & Siobhan Ulnick

The Ulnick’s are among the most successful real estate partnerships in coastal orange county and bring over 35 years of real estate experience inclu...

The Ulnick’s are among the most successful real estate partnerships in coastal orange county and bring over 35 years of real estate experience inclu...

Oct 3 9 minutes read

How Would The Toll Road Affect You?

Everyone in South Orange County will be affected by the toll road. People who live in San Clemente, San Juan Capistrano, Ladera Ranch, and Rancho Mission Viejo would be impacted the greatest by the proposed Toll Routes. San Clemente is such a beautiful place to call home, let's save it from being destroyed. 

The Toll Road would negatively affect our lives in many ways

  • Traffic and side street congestion
  • Noise
  • Air pollution 
  • Health problems
  • Homes demolished
  • Lower home value by as much as 30%
  • Negative response times for first responders
  • Destry open space, mountain trails, and canyons would be destroyed
  • Visual impacts
  • Environmental impacts
  • Run off into our watershed and ocean
  • Wildlife would be harmed 
  • Schools and parks impacted 


According to Pacific Research Group, The Toll Roads have received over $1.7 Billion dollars of taxpayer money through grants and developer fees. If the Toll Roads are completed, Caltrans is responsible for maintaining roads using Taxpayers money. 

Schools the Routes Would Affect

Of all the people who will be affected, our children will be affected the most. In 2003, California passed a law that freeways can’t be constructed within 500 feet of schools. Studies have shown that freeway pollution can have detrimental effects on learning and lung capacity. Freeway pollution also leads to an increase in health issues such as childhood asthma and risk of cancer. 

The proposed routes of the Toll Road run past 8 of our schools and some are within 500 feet. The route would run directly through San Clemente High School, and Tesoro High School would be within 500 feet. San Juan Hills High School would be near the Toll Road as well.

Route 13, 14 & 17 would affect

  • San Juan Hills High School
  • Vista Del Mar Elementary School
  • Marblehead Elementary School
  • Bernice Ayers Middle School
  • Truman Benedict Elementary School
  • San Clemente High School

In addition, the Esencia Elementary school in Rancho Mission Viejo that is set to open Fall of 2018 would be right next to the Toll Road. 

What Neighborhoods Would the Routes Affect?

Homes located near Toll Roads are worth 10-30% less than homes in other communities. The home value of up to 12,000 homes would decrease due to these routes.

 Route 13: 

  • Coast -  1,062 Homes
  • Shorecliffs - 500 Homes
  • Forster Ranch -1,314 Homes
  • Del Cabo - 50 Homes
  • SeaPointe - 258 Homes 

TOTAL - 3,184 Homes

Route 14: 

  • Broadmoor - 201 Homes
  • Rancho San Clemente - 1,803 Homes
  • Mandalay - 60 Homes
  • Pacific Crest - 84 Homes
  • Marblehead - 995 Homes
  • The Reserves - 419 Homes
  • Forster Highlands - 618 Homes
  • Forster Ranch - 1,314 Homes
  • Talega 3,322

TOTAL - 8,968

(Data courtesy of  First American Title Company)

  • Rancho San Clemente Master Association - 14 
  • Bella Vista - 76
  • Brisa Del Mar - 88 
  • Harbor View - 216
  • Montego -133
  •  Pacific Shores -130
  • Richmond Pointe - 204
  • Rancho Cristianitos - 43
  • Seacrest -123
  • Sea Ridge - 45
  • Vilamoura -198
  • Villagio I - 114
  • Villagio II - 86
  • Vista Pacifica - 264
  • Avana - 83

TOTAL - 1803

(Updated data 5/26/2017 courtesy of Vonne Barnes, RSCCA Board President)

What Would the Toll Road Look Like?

Visual mockups were designed to show the negative visual impact the routes would create in our city. The Toll Road would destroy beautiful ocean views, greenery, and leave a view of concrete freeways. The two concrete freeways are positioned to be larger than The Golden Gate Bridge.

Parks That Would Be Affected

Many of the parks where we walk our dogs and our children play would be impacted by the Toll Road. 

Vista Hermosa Sports Park 

Vista Del Sol Park 

Forster Ranch Community Park

Liberty Park

Verde Park

Tierra Grande Park

Rancho San Clemente Park

Courtney’s Sandcastle Universally Accessible Playground

Bonito Canyon Park

Richard T. Steed Memorial Park

Talega Park

San Luis Rey Park

San Gorgonio Park

Vista Bahia Park

Trails That Would Be Affected

The beauty, greenery, and open space of our trails are at stake.  Two concrete freeways would become the view as you hike your favorite trails, while some trails would be completely destroyed.

Las Ramblas Trail

Forster Ranch Ridgeline Trail

Prima Deschecha Regional Trail

Rancho San Clemente Ridgeline Trail

Cristianitos Regional Trail/San Clemente Summit

Ladera Ranch Trail

Trails will inevitably be destroyed due to the Toll Road

Are you a business owner? 

Join the local businesses that are coming together to stop the Toll Road. 

If you are a Ladera Ranch, San Juan Capistrano or Rancho Mission Viejo business and would like to help distribute these signs please contact [email protected] 

How can you help?

Join the residents of San Clemente by saying No to the Toll Roads.  

Get Involved - Not My Toll Road - No Toll Roads in South Orange County

What Can You Do? ACTION ITEMS: 1. Not sure where to start? Daily Action plans to do to hel...

Read More

1. Inform everyone you know and meet

2. Get signs and stickers for your house, business, or car.

3. Call and Email those responsible for pushing for a Toll Road extension through South Orange County, like senators, representatives, and the TCA.

4. Contact local politicians accountable to SC Homeowners.

5. Attend Events and Speak. Bring your Family, Friends, and Neighbors.

6. Sign the Petitions

7. Pass out flyers and documents to your neighbors and friends. 

8. Stay Updated, Sign up with the NotMyTollRoad Newsletters and read current and past Articles.

9. Join the Resolution Revolution by taking a stand against the Toll Road extensions in Resolution 671-89. 

10. Talk to your HOA about making a stand against the Toll Roads.

11. We need more HOA’s, group and businesses from San Juan Capistrano, Ladera Ranch, San Clemente and Rancho Mission Viejo to join this growing list. If you are ready to be added to this list or would like additional information email[email protected] 

12. Cancel your Toll Road account -Click here for steps

13. Volunteer at the Farmers Markets Not My Toll Road information booth on Sundays to inform people about the toll routes. 

If you are interested and available to help Sundays 9:00 am – 1:00pm outside of Avila’s on Del Mar Street. Email [email protected] 

Are you interested in setting up a Not My Toll Road information booth at other cities Farmers Market? Contact us for information to get started!

Signs and Stickers

Get signs and stickers for your house, business, or car.

Sign The Petitions

Petition to Stop the Toll Road 

Petition to Dissolve the TCA

Petition to Keep Los Patrones Parkway Free! Stop Tollways Building Next to Tesoro High

Petition to Protect the Endangered Species Act

Wear Merchandise to Spread the Word

You can buy merchandise on the Cafe Press website. All proceeds are donated to the Coalition to Save San Clemente!

Show your support with T-shirts, Buttons, Cell Phone Cases, Mugs, and Hoodies!

The proposed Toll Road will destroy the quality of life in San Clemente. From environmental impacts, health hazards, and noise, to our homes values declining, we need to come together to stop the routes from being built.

It's important to continue informing others of this threat to our home. The Toll Road would affect our lives in a multitude of ways. Act now before it's too late!

Stay up-to-date on how you can help today

💡Do you have a question or a great idea?💡

Please email [email protected]

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LEARN MORE about the developer’s TCA process and why it’s bad for our homes, neighborhoods, environment, and for all of Orange County. Check out the Photo Gallery and Files for more information on the TCA and Toll Roads.

Visit the San Clemente City Website for more information 

Connect On Facebook 

 Be part of the movement! Join the Facebook Group "Not My Toll Road"

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