Surfer Magazine ranked San Clemente number 5 as one of the best surf towns in the United States. They looked at the waves, culture and quality of life in San Clemente. They state, “San Clemente forms one of the most consistent, and wave-rich zones in Southern California. Furthermore, its geography means that it is exposed to both winter northwest swells and summer time souths, and is equally receptive to both. T-Street, known for its consistent surf and the talent it spawns, is the surfing nucleus of the town, and has played more than just a passing role in the history of the sport. Then of course there is Trestles (host to North America’s only ASP World Tour event), Church, and San Onofre, which despite technically existing within San Diego County, makes up the most infamous part of the San Clemente surf landscape.

There is a business called UsedSurf in San Clemente that has used surfboards for sale and on consignment. They buy and sell surfing equipment and post the inventory online and you can see from their live product feed below.