Steps of the Buying Process

The Ulnick Group’s goal is to provide the highest level of premier services available in Orange County to each and every client. We will explain every detail of the buying process and guide you every step of the way. Here is a preliminary checklist to help you get an idea of what will be discussed during your introductory consultation.

Mortgage Pre-Approval

Before you start looking for a home, it’s important to meet with a qualified mortgage lender to get a better understanding of how much you can spend and what you will be approved for. Getting your mortgage pre-approval is the very first step in the exciting home buying process! When you’re pre-approved you know you’re price range and can focus on looking for homes. Being pre-qualified also shows sellers that you’re a serious buyer and gives you an advantage when you’re ready to submit an offer if a home you are interested in happens to get multiple offers (bidding where there is more than one offer on the same property).

Book an appointment with your bank and a mortgage specialist (we encourage you to get a second opinion!) They will review your current financial situation and pre-approve you for a mortgage loan. Ask for your pre-approval in writing so you have a legal document on hand. It will typically be valid for 120 days during your house hunt. Not sure who to consult with? We would be happy to recommend one of our network partners we work with and trust. 

Associated Costs

There are additional costs associated with the purchase price of your home. Its our job to make sure that you are educated and informed of these costs when buying a home so you can prepare your finances and avoid unwanted surprises. We will go over potential fees such as home appraisal, inspection, and mortgage insurance. We will let you know what to expect so you are completely and comfortably prepared prior to purchase.

Your Wishlist

One of our responsibilities as your Realtor is to gain an understanding of your unique and personal real estate goals by asking you all the right questions. This will help us help you create a list of must-haves and nice-to-haves. There are a lot of factors to consider to make sure we get you into the right home for your particular lifestyle!

The Search Process

We will invite you to join our online property watch program. A great property search tool that gives you direct access to the same MLS system used bRealtors. Its a simple user-friendly tool that gives you instant access to MLS updates so you can see new listings as soon as they hit the market.

Previewing Properties

We know your time is valuable and the buying process can seem overwhelming at times. So rest assured knowing we will do the heavy lifting. Once we sit down with you and gain an understanding of your real estate goals we’ll search and find properties that meet your criteria and price range to ensure you see homes that have the potential to be “the one.” We will keep track of which properties you view and provide guidance and honest feedback on each one of them. From school districts to resale value, we will make sure you are informed about each potential new home.

Scheduling Showings

Once you preview the homes online we will schedule showings for each property you have interest in. You can visit the houses and see if you want to make any of them home! If you would like, we are happy to attend open houses and showings with you for support and guidance.

Making an Offer

In today’s busy real estate market, if you find a property you love, you’ll have to decide quickly if you want to make an offer. An “offer” is an agreement of purchase and sale of a house. Most properties today get multiple offers, so when you find a home, the sooner you submit an offer the better. When the seller receives more than one offer you often get countered and we will then strategize with you on the best approach before making a counter offer.

Properties can also be sold through a pre-emptive offer which is when an offer is submitted in advance of the specified offer date. We will explain this process in detail so you feel comfortable before it comes time to write an offer! When you’re ready to submit an offer we will discuss and help set expectations for you based on the properties you choose.

  • Offer Price
  • Deposit
    • The deposit is typically 5%-10% of the purchase price and payable to the listing brokerage with the offer, or within 24 hours of acceptance of the offer, depending on the situation.
  • Closing/Completion Date – This is the date that you pay for and take title (ownership) of the property.
  • Inclusions and Exclusions – When submitting an offer, we will list items you wish to include or exclude from your purchase (appliances, insurance, repairs etc.)
  • Terms and Conditions
    • A condition is a clause the buyer needs to waive or fulfill by an agreed time in order for the sale to be finalized. The most common conditions are: financing, inspection etc. Often in a multiple offer situation, it’s common practice to submit offers with no conditions.
    • A term is used to clarify what the buyer expects to be done or included with the property.
    • We will advise you on all the necessary clauses and terms to include in your offer to protect you through the purchase process.

Closing on Your Home

The most exciting part is here! Once your offer has been successfully negotiated and accepted, you’re just a step away from the keys to your new home! At this point, you will have either a conditional or firm sale. A firm sale means the conditions have been fulfilled according to the agreement. A sale is often conditional on the buyer first selling their current home or for other specified reasons. Once a sale becomes firm it remains pending until he agreed upon closing date according to the contract.

Beyond the Sale

Our commitment to you doesn’t end at closing. We believe in providing service beyond the sale. We will be with you through every step of the buying process and answer any questions you may have about your new role as a homeowner. We’re available to offer any local referrals you may need.

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